Welcome to Stonebridge Apartment. Your apartment. Stonebridge Apartment is an inviting place where you can enjoy comfort and convenience. Take the 22-mile long Eisenbahn State Trail located behind the apartment for a bike ride or a quiet walk. Take advantage of the 18 nearby parks. Experience the changing seasons from your private balcony... you'll find so many ways to enjoy your leisure time here!

1609-1613 Stonebridge Rd.
West Bend, WI 53095

Apartment Style:

  • 2 Bedroom


  • Fully weatherized apartment complex
  • Individual room temperature controls
  • Apartment humidity control
  • Large personal patio
  • Softened Water
  • A/C
  • On-site laundry
  • On-stie exercise equipments
  • Personal storage space
  • Available garage space (limited space)
  • Guest parking available
  • Owner Managed


Stonebridge Apartment
1609-1611-1613 Stonebridge Rd, West Bend, WI
(262) 673-7671